This site shows comments on Austin’s 2019 land development code rewrite from AURA and friends. We’ve collected these comments to submit to both staff and council.

Here is the plain, uncommented code which you can download or view in your browser.

How it Works

The homepage shows all comments organized by chapter, article, division, and page.

You can also use the categories and tags to view specific kinds of comments or authors to see comments from specific people.

You can see all comments inline on a pdf copy of the code here. Those inline comments also link back to the full comments on this site.

You can also see all comments in a google sheet here

How to Submit a Comment

You can submit a comment with this form. Submit as many comments as you like.

We will review your comment and, when approved, will run our script that automatically adds your comment to both the site and the pdf.

To ensure that your comment is added to the correct location in the code, please follow the form instructions carefully.

Zone Data

We’ve collect data on each zone. You can view that here