Posted by lynn Oct 05th 10:16 PM

23-2C-3010 Purpose and Applicability (A) To ensure compliance with the deadlines and review procedures established by Division 23-5B-1 (Mandatory Actions), this section establishes requirements for review and processing of subdivision applications. (B) This division apples to subdivision applications, including applications for approval of a preliminary plan, final plat, or subdivision construction plan under Chapter 23-5 (Subdivision)

Typo - apples to applies

Posted by tannerblair Oct 05th 10:24 PM

Width (min.) Area (min.

Are these minimums or maximums? I think these are supposed to be max

Posted by ki Oct 05th 10:29 PM

A pedestrian entrance must face and connect directly to the primary street, or for corner lots, to the primary or side street.

Make it clear that one pedestrian entrance must face and connect to the primary street. Obviously in a multiunit develop (with multiple buildings it would not make sense or be practical to require every pedestrian entrance to face the street.

Posted by ki Oct 07th 10:15 PM

Only one ADU may be built per site, and the total dwelling units per lot shall not exceed the density permitted by the base zone . (a) Exception . Additional units may be allowed in compliance with the Preservation Incentive if permitted by the base zone .

Please specify in the exception that 2 adus can be built using the preservation incentive. Otherwise you can’t do this on lots that don’t allow duplexes. And if two detached houses exist you can’t do this without tearing down at least one house.

Posted by mike_nahas Oct 05th 10:26 PM

A commercial blood plasma center that requires a conditional use permit if the use is within:

The word “that” should be removed.

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:36 PM

The amount of open space required may not to exceed 1,000 square feet.

Wording error “may not to exceed”

Posted by robert.m.fostr Oct 05th 10:04 PM

Application. The affordability requirements described in Table 23-4E-1040(B) are applied based on geography to ensure the requirements reflect sub-market variations and zone-specific bonus options.

Table 23-4E-1040(B) appears to lack the zones in which these requirements would apply

Posted by robert.m.fostr Oct 05th 10:06 PM

Table 23-4E-1040(C)

Where are the maps that these numbers apply to?

Posted by mike_nahas Oct 05th 10:16 PM

Nuances to properties and structures adjacent to the development site

Typo. “nuances to” should be “nuances of”

Posted by mike_nahas Oct 05th 10:37 PM

Require the applicant to obtain approval of a building permit under Article 23-6C (Building and Demolition Permits), in addition to review under this division.

23-6B-3020.B.2 says that some applications will require a Building and Demolition Permit, in addition to the Limited Site Plan. It seems strange to mention it in that location and to not mention it in 23-6B-1020.B, which says one or the other is required.

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:54 AM

Draft 3 Februrary 2018

This is the wrong code, we don’t want to confuse this with CodeNEXT, and it applies to every page, not just this page.