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Posted by kevin.mclaughlin70 Oct 14th 10:09 PM

unless the general provision was adopted more recently and the manifest intent of the city council was for the general provision to apply.

This resolves the NCCD issue that the ADU ordinance had.

Posted by kevin.mclaughlin70 Oct 06th 10:50 PM

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Posted by kevin.mclaughlin70 Oct 06th 10:04 PM

Qualifies as an affordable housing project under Article 23-4E (Affordable Housing);


Posted by tannerblair Oct 05th 10:59 PM

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In general, I’m happy to see the simplified approach to residential zoning. I’m also pleased with the impervious cover rules. They will go a long way toward mitigating flooding and encouraging upward growth in favor of sprawl.

Posted by tannerblair Oct 05th 10:58 PM

These requirements are intended to ensure that proposed development is compatible with existing development, and to produce an environment of desirable character that is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and any other applicable area plan.

I like that the two goals are both acknowledged and given equal weight.

Posted by tannerblair Oct 05th 10:03 PM


Glad to see more duplexes allowed throughout, but I would also like to see an allowance for triplexes and quadplexes for zones that allow larger single-family homes. Enfield is a great example of an existing neighborhood where large single family and some multi-family of the same scale co-exist.

Posted by tannerblair Oct 05th 10:01 PM

Accessory Dwelling Unit - Residential

Glad to see these allowed in all zones. These are a great way to add density, and spreading them out means that no one lot type ends up with all of them.

Posted by agh Oct 05th 10:34 PM

Maximum Number of Parking Spaces

Given the climate crisis, it is good that there are parking maximums.

Posted by tannerblair Oct 05th 10:09 PM

1.25 times

I am happy to see this. The corridors should be pedestrian-friendly and focused, not parking lots.

Posted by tannerblair Oct 05th 10:07 PM

may not exceed 1.75 times

Glad to see a cap put on max #,

Posted by robert.sotolar Oct 05th 10:46 AM

(B) Maximum Number of Parking Spaces. (1) Developments over 10,000 square feet in floor area or containing 25 or more residential units may not exceed 1.75 times the minimum number of parking spaces required. Maximum is calculated prior to any applicable parking reductions. (2) Lots with frontage on a Corridor or wholly or partially located within a Center may not exceed 1.25 times the minimum number of parking spaces required. Maximum is calculated prior to any applicable parking reductions.

Nice to see parking maximums being proposed - is there room to push for the more restrictive parking maximum (1.25 times the minimum) listed in point two more broadly across the city in the new code?

Posted by lwimberley Oct 05th 10:34 PM

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Posted by tannerblair Oct 05th 10:19 PM

If the existing dwelling unit used to qualify for the preservation incentive is altered, the following limitations apply:

I’m pleased to see that there is an allowance for existing structures and the maintenance thereof. There’s been a lot of hand-wringing and misinformation surrounding this topic, so it’s good to see it explicitly stated.

Posted by robert.sotolar Oct 05th 10:37 PM

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Preserving existing housing stock while encouraging the addition of dwelling units seems to be a win-win!

Posted by robert.sotolar Oct 05th 10:27 PM

Residential 2A (R2A) Zone (A) Purpose. Residential 2A (R2A) zone is intended to allow detached housing with accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or duplexes in a more suburban setting.

Yes! More affordable housing everywhere also means the ‘burbs. Making current areas of sprawl denser can prevent further sprawl and may make those areas more suited to self-sustaining public transportation infrastructure that could be tied into a regional network.

Posted by dan.keshet Oct 04th 10:28 PM

Drive-Through, Retail, or Service Facility

It is very good that drive-throughs are banned in DC and CC. There are still very current attempts to build these but they are bad for downtown environments.

Posted by dan.keshet Oct 04th 10:22 PM

Parking Required. Regional Center zones do not require off-street parking.

This is very good! There should not be parking requirements in any of these zones.

Posted by dan.keshet Oct 04th 10:35 PM

Building Placement

These restrictions are sensible for the downtown environment.

Posted by robert.sotolar Oct 05th 10:28 PM

23-3C-10130 University Neighborhood Overlay (A) Purpose. The purpose of the University Neighborhood Overlay (UNO) is to promote high density redevelopment in the area generally west of the University of Texas campus, encourage affordable housing, provide a mechanism for the creation of a densely populated but livable and pedestrian-friendly environment, and protect the character of the predominantly single-family residential neighborhoods adjacent to the zone.

This model seems to be working to increase density in the West Campus area. Is there a way we can promote this type of overlay as a model other areas in the city to City Council?

Posted by lwimberley Oct 05th 10:28 PM

(1) If detached, minimum 6' to the front, rear, or side of the primary structure or above a detached garage; may be connected to the primary structure with a covered walkway;

This is a vast improvement over the current ADU placement rules.

Posted by lwimberley Oct 05th 10:26 PM

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It appears that the new code is allowing “internal ADUs.” That is good news.

Posted by lwimberley Oct 05th 10:44 PM

23-3D-1180 Duplex (A) Configuration. (1) The two units must be attached;

Thank you for getting rid of the zipper wall. That was an wholly unnecessary restriction.

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:45 PM

A site is part of a TDM program as described in 23-8C-2020 (Transportation Demand Management) that allows multiple parking reductions, then the maximum cumulative parking reduction is 100 percent.

Go staff for sticking to the ASMP.

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:22 PM

A parking structure may be designed to provide adequate dimensions to allow use by or conversion to active uses in accordance with requirements of the Transportation Criteria Manual. Adequate dimensions shall include floor-to-floor heights, structural, driving aisle, and utility layouts within 35 feet of the public right-of-way designed to accommodate occupancy by active uses.

Yay! Go staff.

Posted by atalbert Oct 05th 10:35 PM

d. Pruning more than 25% of the live canopy.

Helpful definition, details provide useful clarity and improvement on current “excessive pruning.”

Posted by robert.m.fostr Oct 05th 10:23 PM

The director shall establish processes, compliance, and monitoring criteria for implementing the affordability requirements of this division. Training of property owners or property managers before the initial lease up and during the affordability period may be required.

This is crucial, we don’t want a repeat of the Domain.

Posted by ki Oct 05th 10:53 PM

For developments that have received an affordability certification letter, the developer or property owner shall notify the director when building permits are issued for the development.

If the permits are issued by the city. Why does the city need to be notified? Instead of telling developers they need to notify a city official when the city staff notifies them that a permit has been issued, and then having an enforcement provision to make sure they do that. It would seem easier for city staff just to notify the director.

Posted by dan.keshet Oct 04th 10:38 PM

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It is very good that the limitations on bonusable area have been removed from large portions of downtown.

Posted by robert.m.fostr Oct 05th 10:26 PM

Manufactured Home Park. A minimum of 270 days before the date that an application for a rezone, site plan, or land use approval may be approved.

Thanks, this will help protect our most vulnerable neighbors!

Posted by robert.m.fostr Oct 05th 10:59 PM


The annual reports are a good idea that should be applied to all affordable units and should be available online for community groups to confirm compliance.

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:20 AM

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This is excellent for future CapMetro uses, way to go staff working within the ASMP

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:12 PM

Adjacent and Abutting Streets. For a street required adjacent to or abutting a proposed development, the City may require that up to the entire right-of-way be dedicated and improved to city design standards depending on

More good transportation code text, it is great that landowners must improve the entire right-of-way. This will help complete the sidewalk system.

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:15 PM

Frontage Roads. If a frontage road or service street is required for state or federally designated highways, the entire abutting right-of-way shall be dedicated and improved to applicable design standards and specifications.

This is amazing, converting frontage roads into city streets. However, this could be severely dangerous if speed limits along frontage roads are not reduced and “vision zero” or “safe streets” initiatives are not implemented to reduce auto-pedestrian conflicts, but this is addressed in the ASMP.

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:31 PM

The purpose of reserving right-of-way is to avoid conflicts between new development and future transportation improvements for which acquisition of right-of-way may be required by the City or another governmental entity.

Good, conforms with the ASMP.

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:06 PM

A TDM plan is required for a development application that is subject to comprehensive transportation review under this division or as otherwise provided by this Title. If an application is not required to include a TDM plan under this Title, an applicant may submit a TDM plan voluntarily, but may not rely on TDM measures to satisfy requirements of this Title unless specifically authorized by this Title.

Good, fits with ASMP and May council direction

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:45 PM

A stand-alone driveway not associated with a land use.

Good, consistent with ASMP

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:52 PM

The director may require partial or complete closure of an existing driveway, consistent with the Transportation Criteria Manual, if the director determines that impacts of the driveway on the adjoining street network pose a threat to public safety.

Excellent, improves safety and works with the ASMP.

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:27 PM

The arrangement of streets shall provide for the alignment and continuation of existing or proposed streets into adjoining lands that are:

Directly from ASMP, beautiful.

Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:08 PM

If the road utility district is in the city’s two mile extraterritorial jurisdiction at the time of application, agree to petition for annexation at the time the road utility district becomes contiguous to the city boundary.

This is great for future planning and extending the city’s control over the road network.