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Downtown Plan Overlay

This overlay appears to implement a number of provisions provided in the Downtown Austin Plan, adopted in 2011. These should be reviewed within the context of city policies that have been adopted since then, including Imagine Austin, Strategic Housing Blueprint, ASMP, and the policy direction for the LDC Re-write, to ensure all of these policies are still consistent with Austin’s goals.

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These requirements address the parking needs of new land uses and development in a manner that is consistent with the desired character and development patterns of the community and as outlined in the Comprehensive Plan

Add: and the ASMP. Parking is a large section in the new transportation plan.

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Add: Encourage native plants and less water intensive landscaping.

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The plants required by this section shall comply with the tree diversity standards in Table 23-3D-3170(B) (Diversity Standards).

encourage native plantings

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At least 50 percent of the shrubs in the buffer must be evergreen species.

Stress the use of native species

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23-3D-3110 Visual Screening

Consider moving this section before section 23-3D-3090, it will help clarify what requires a buffer.

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Functional Green Landscape is a two-tiered approach to fulfilling the purpose of the landscape code. The first tier requires landscape elements to be placed in specified areas of a site, thus protecting private and public investment, providing visual buffering, limiting overcrowding, and enhancing property values. The second tier is a scoring system that measures the ecosystem service value created by landscape; it is intended to improve ecological balance, replenish native vegetation, and enhance public health, safety, and welfare.

Consider switching tier 2 with tier 1. Social issues and benefits should come before economic issues and benefits. The city works for the people, not economics.

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Definition: Low spreading vegetation less than 12 inches in height.

Expand to include gravel, rock, and sand to encourage less water intensive landscaping.

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23-3D-3170 Planting and Soil Standards

Consider moving this section to the beginning of “Division 23-3D-3: Landscape”, it will help the reader understand what is recommended and acceptable. Especially in reference to prioritizing native plant species.

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Table 23-3D-3170 (B) Diversity Standards

Consider moving to earlier in landscaping section as this table is mentioned throughout the whole section.

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Page 656 - 1

Combine to avoid repetition.

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Increasing housing affordability and community health through a robust and accessible transportation network;

“Equitable” is a stronger and more encompassing word than “accessible”

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Transit facility improvements.

Highlight the need for bus shelters at bus stops.

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A permittee shall pay the cost of relocating a public utility’s storm water drainage improvement, water and waste water mains and facilities, electrical equipment, traffic signal equipment, communications equipment, or trees required by the permittee’s proposed construction.

There should be a timeline associated with the reinstallation of transportation facilities. Ex. the protected bike lane along Rio Grande through West Campus has been removed for construction, and after construction has been completed is still missing.

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1. GROSS (GFA). The total enclosed area of all floors in a building with a clear height of more than five feet, measured to the outside surface of the exterior walls. The term excludes loading docks, porches, stoops, basements, attics, stories below grade plane, parking facilities, driveways, and enclosed loading berths and off-street maneuvering areas.

Above-grade parking facilities should be included in Gross Floor Area, and FARs in zones which frequently include above-grade parking facilities should be increased to match. See