Posted by elliottbucknall Oct 05th 10:27 PM

(C) Contents of Determination. The director shall provide a written determination to the applicant, which must state: (1) Whether the petition is approved or denied, wholly or partly, and the basis for the decision; (2) Findings of fact in support of the determination and information sufficient to identify the permit or fair notice application on which the petition is based; and (3) If the petition is approved: (a) A description of the project for which vested rights are recognized; and (b) A vesting date.

If the determination is partially or fully approved, there should be listed descriptions of the significant changes in the land use regulations due to the vesting. Ex. “The property is exempt from the exterior route visitability”. This may or may not be doable to other rules such as chapter 245 which is a state provision, ect.