Posted by info Oct 05th 10:08 PM

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I understand that these compatibility zones have been taken from the Downtown Austin Plan (adopted nearly a decade ago), but they should be reviewed to see if they are appropriate for downtown properties and if they are consistent with the direction the city is taking with current city policies and the overall LDC revision.

Some of these compatibility areas, for instance, appear to be even more restrictive than the compatibility standards used elsewhere in town, which raises questions about equity as well as about how these special compatibility standards affect dense development within downtown (itself an Imagine Austin Center). For reference, Council adopted direction to “reduce the impact of compatibility standards on development within activity centers and activity corridors to a greater extent than Draft 3.”

North Lamar between Old 7th and the half-block north of 10th especially should be reviewed. This area caps height on the corridor itself, which would appear to provide the opposite policy direction to what the city is doing elsewhere.