Posted by pete.gilcrease Oct 05th 10:34 PM

(b) Notwithstanding any provision of the ordinances listed in Paragraph (3)(a), development within an NCCD is subject to: (i) Section 23-3D-1030 (Accessory Dwelling Unit - Residential); and (ii) Section 23-3D-2050 (Off-Street Motor Vehicle Parking Reductions).

How do ADU and parking regulations override the NCCDs since NCCDs are still in the old code? Without amending the NCCDs it’s not clear if simply mentioning these things in the new code will have any impact since the two codes are completely separate from each other. The NCCDs themselves most likely need to be amended for these changes to actually take place. This same thing happened with the city wide ADU ordinance a few years ago. The city passed the “city wide” changes, but because the NCCDs were mistakenly not amended these changes didn’t apply to NCCDs.