Posted by ewise23 Oct 05th 10:02 PM

B) Maximum Parking Adjustment.

Wordiness is due to code text quotes This section is confusing and has multiple issues. To understand this section you must refer to multiple tables dispersed throughout the code. Consider duplicating the tables in the section for easier understanding. The use of “or” in 23-3D-2050 (B) (ii) [“the proposed development is connected to a corridor by an accessible sidewalk system; or”] makes it unclear as to which requirement (23-3D-2050 (B) ii OR iii) applies. 23-3D-2050 (B) (ii) is more exclusionary than 23-3D-2050 (B) (iii) [“is rated “Very High” or “High” in the Sidewalk Prioritzation Map as defined in the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan.”] and would prevent 23-3D-2050 (B) (i) [“any portion of the site is within a Center or within ¼ mile of a Corridor or Center, measuring in a straight line from the centerline of the Corridor or edge of Center to the site; and”] and 23-3D-2050 (B) (iii) from being implemented in many areas.