Posted by ki Oct 06th 10:56 PM

MULTI-FAMILY. A residential building containing three or more dwelling units within a single building, with one or more multi-unit buildings per site, and includes, but is not limited to, triplex, quadplex, bungalow court apartments, and multi-unit apartment complexes.

If you are R4 and above you cannot do detached structures (3-4 separate adu type units).

In r4 you can only do duplex and multi-family. Multifamily is defined on page 278 as a building with 3 units or more.

So if your deed restrictions say you can only do single family structures you can do effectively nothing on these lots (with the exception of rebuilding a house). Unless you want to get sued and not get clear title.

Once you get to anything above rm1 (rm2, rm3 etc) you can’t do anything but triplexes.

The number of lots with deed restrictions that allow triplexes is effectively zero.

This restriction will greatly greatly decrease the unit yield from this code rewrite.