Posted by ki Oct 06th 10:56 PM

MULTI-FAMILY. A residential building containing three or more dwelling units within a single building, with one or more multi-unit buildings per site, and includes, but is not limited to, triplex, quadplex, bungalow court apartments, and multi-unit apartment complexes.

If you are R4 and above you cannot do detached structures (3-4 separate adu type units).

In r4 you can only do duplex and multi-family. Multifamily is defined on page 278 as a building with 3 units or more.

So if your deed restrictions say you can only do single family structures you can do effectively nothing on these lots (with the exception of rebuilding a house). Unless you want to get sued and not get clear title.

Once you get to anything above rm1 (rm2, rm3 etc) you can’t do anything but triplexes.

The number of lots with deed restrictions that allow triplexes is effectively zero.

This restriction will greatly greatly decrease the unit yield from this code rewrite.

Posted by tannerblair Oct 05th 10:01 PM

Accessory Dwelling Unit - Residential

Glad to see these allowed in all zones. These are a great way to add density, and spreading them out means that no one lot type ends up with all of them.

Posted by ki Oct 05th 10:44 PM

If the parking structure is less than 20 feet behind the building facade, the width of the parking structure may not exceed 50 percent of the width of the building facade, measured parallel to the front lot line

Allow one garage space in all cases. So the code would be “the greater of the width of 50 of the building facade or 12 feet”. This encourages small narrow houses. Also takes into account possibility of a tree limiting the width of the primary dwelling.

Posted by lwimberley Oct 05th 10:34 PM

Page 294 - 1


Posted by ki Oct 06th 10:29 PM

The total number of dwelling units otherwise allowed in the zone may be exceeded by one.

Unless you can build 2 adu’s you can run into a problem. If there are two separate structures (house and adu) currently on the lot how would you add a third. Tear one down and build a duplex. It would be better to simply allow a third adu. Forcing one to tear down a structure to take advantage of the preservation incentive is strange.

Posted by ki Oct 06th 10:17 PM

The total number of dwelling units otherwise allowed in the zone may be exceeded by one.

Can we state explicitly that if we keep the existing unit 2 adu’s can be built. Currently its confusing if a only a duplex can be built. If that is true this would not be possible on a large number of lots due to deed restrictions that do not allow duplexes.

Posted by robert.sotolar Oct 05th 10:36 PM

Page 297 - 2

Does “new dwelling units” apply to ADUs?

Posted by robert.sotolar Oct 05th 10:27 PM

Residential 2A (R2A) Zone (A) Purpose. Residential 2A (R2A) zone is intended to allow detached housing with accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or duplexes in a more suburban setting.

Yes! More affordable housing everywhere also means the ‘burbs. Making current areas of sprawl denser can prevent further sprawl and may make those areas more suited to self-sustaining public transportation infrastructure that could be tied into a regional network.

Posted by jensen.cochran Oct 06th 10:43 PM

Page 308 - 3

(this relates to R2A and R2B, which are both very common zones and deserve extra attention) The zones do not seem to allow for 2 detached units, except in the case of home+ADU, where the ADU must be less than or equal to 1100 sq ft (see 23-3D-1030). Seems arbitrary to allow, for example, a 1300 sq ft house and detached 1100 sq ft ADU, but not two 1200 sq ft detached houses.

Posted by robert.sotolar Oct 05th 10:59 PM

23-3C-3110 Residential 2C (R2C) Zone (A) Purpose. Residential 2C (R2C) zone is intended to allow detached housing with accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or duplexes on small lots throughout the city.

I’m curious if Council Staff can articulate a rationale for why certain areas would be zoned the more restrictive “Residential 1” (R1) - see page 305 - vs. this “Residential 2C” (R2C) zoning. If the reasoning for leaving areas in the more restrictive R1 zoning is neighborhood sensitivity, perhaps we can push City Council to be bold and stay faithful to their stated intent with this code of a more affordable Austin?

Posted by ki Oct 07th 10:15 PM

Only one ADU may be built per site, and the total dwelling units per lot shall not exceed the density permitted by the base zone . (a) Exception . Additional units may be allowed in compliance with the Preservation Incentive if permitted by the base zone .

Please specify in the exception that 2 adus can be built using the preservation incentive. Otherwise you can’t do this on lots that don’t allow duplexes. And if two detached houses exist you can’t do this without tearing down at least one house.

Posted by lwimberley Oct 05th 10:28 PM

(1) If detached, minimum 6' to the front, rear, or side of the primary structure or above a detached garage; may be connected to the primary structure with a covered walkway;

This is a vast improvement over the current ADU placement rules.

Posted by lwimberley Oct 05th 10:26 PM

Page 585 - 1

It appears that the new code is allowing “internal ADUs.” That is good news.

Posted by mike_nahas Oct 05th 10:57 PM

Single-Family Construction. Construction or alteration of a single-family residential land use structure, single-family attached land use or duplex residential land use structure, an accessory dwelling unit, or an accessory structure

I’d suggest changing the bold text for 23-6B-1030.D.1 from “Single-Family Construction” to “Residential Construction of One to Two Units”. On the previous page, 23-6B-1030.C.2.l mentions “Residential Construction of Three to Eight Units.”. As the bold text reads now, it’s unclear where duplexes are covered.