Regional Centers

Posted by dan.keshet Oct 04th 10:35 PM

Building Placement

These restrictions are sensible for the downtown environment.

Posted by dan.keshet Oct 04th 10:34 PM

Table 23-3C-7070(A) Lot Size and Intensity

These FARs are way too low to achieve the desired height without a lot of above-grade parking. The height acts as a reasonable density control here and therefore FAR controls should be removed in all height-limited CC zones.

Posted by dan.keshet Oct 04th 10:36 PM

Table 23-3C-7070(I) Additional Standards (1) Construction (a) A building must achieve at least a one-star rating under the Austin Energy Green Building program in accordance with Chapter 1-2 (Adoption of Rules) of Title 1 (General Provisions).

How does this compare to current code? How expensive is it for developers to comply with?

Posted by dan.keshet Oct 04th 10:39 PM

Page 839 - 2

It is very bad that there is zero access to density bonuses in the northwest portion of downtown. Allowing denser construction in downtown should be a no-brainer.

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Page 839 - 1

It is very good that the limitations on bonusable area have been removed from large portions of downtown.